Travel Industry Digital Trends 2018

Surprisingly, online users are more and more depending on digital platforms for all their travel needs. From researching to booking, trends in travel industry are digitally transforming with unexpected growth and impact on many other businesses. This digital impact is influencing millions of web users in decision making for their travel plans.

Interesting Facts About Digital Trends In Travel Industry

Here are some digital trends in travel industry that showcase how much important is the role of “digital” in both the lives of travelers and the companies:

1. In 2018, travel sales digitally are expected to reach $198 billion and more than 140 million US internet users will research a trip online. (Source: Social Media Today)

2. While making travel plans, more than 60% of travelers look into their budgets as a key factor and look for online travel deals before making any final decision. Social content offering deals, promotions, coupon codes have influenced decision making for more than half of the travelers from US, Australia, GB and Canada. (Source: Expedia)

3. As brands are now spending 61% of their marketing budgets on online digital channels, the percentage number for online travel brands such as OTAs are spending 73% in digital media platforms. (Source: Phocuswire)

4. The importance of Social Media in travel industry can not be ignored as 50% of people like social media pages that are related to trips they are planning to go for. In addition to that, 52% of Facebook users are inspired by seeing their friend’s travel photos. (Source: Webpage FX)

5. During the process of doing travel research, 43% of travels use their smartphones to look for accommodations and 76% of travelers use their desktop computers. Interestingly, 25% of travellers have booked accommodations using their smartphones and 67% used their desktop pcs. (Source: Social Media Today)

For brands in travel industry and hospitality, providing super experiences to their online users/customers starts before their customers trips ever begin.

Thanks for reading digital trends for the travel industry in 2018 and beyond.